Homeschool Haul 2019-2020

I have a confession to make…

I am obsessed with homeschool and office supplies. Nine times out of ten, if you homeschool, you are too… after all that’s what brought you to this post. You love supplies… So, here I will show you my 2019-2020 Homeschool Haul. This beautiful office supply eye candy if you will.

I will write out a list of everything I have for the year. I am sure I will add things as we go but for now this is what we have. If I left something out, mention it in the comments below!

I have a 4th grader who is beginning the tween stages, boy does that make some days exhausting, and a 21 month old who likes to scribble, scream and pester his big brother. These are some of the supplies that we will be using.

Pencils: This is just a given, I do have a favorite pencil for my son, and that is Ticonderoga Pencils. There is nothing I hate more than pencils you sharpen over and over again just to have them break as soon as the child uses them. These do not do that. I do highly recommend them. I am not getting paid to say that.
Markers: I prefer Crayola markers, I get the thick and thin tipped markers. These are one of those items you will go through a lot of. My son uses these outside of homeschooling, and will use them for coloring in his sketch book also.
Pens: For me, unless you have older students that are using pens in their school work. This is a weakness for me. I love pens!
Red Pens: For marking work and correcting.
Stapler: A number of uses
Single Hole Punch: These can be used to make dots for games, for putting flash cards on rings and so on.
Composition Notebooks: These are amazing, we use these notebooks for everything. Journals, science notebooks, Story notebooks. You name it. I always have extras on hand because I always come up with new ways to incorporate them into our homeschooling.
Subject Dividers: I use these for my sons binder, keeping his current papers organized for each subject. As well as my own binder. My binder separates all of his subjects which include his materials and visuals. So, dividers come in handy and keep me organized so I can find the days visuals quickly.
File Folders
Paper Cutter: I bought a $10 cutter. I have not had to cut a lot of paper together, but it does cut thick folders. It is very sharp and I love it! I do know that I have had to do a lot of paper cutting in our homeschooling years, and having this would have come in so handy. I really don’t know why it took me so long to get one. I probably should have sprung to buy a more expensive one, but this will do for now.
Construction Paper: Arts, crafts, projects and more!
White-Out: I do not ever use this, but it doesn’t hurt to have. I am sure I will find something to use this for.
Flash Cards: These Can be used for EVERYTHING! Vocabulary, Math, Grammar, History, Science. Studying, Spelling…
Blank Flash Cards: Same as above
Flash Card Boxes: used to hold your Flash Cards. We are currently using these for spelling and vocabulary.
Flash Card Dividers
White Three Ring Binders: I use these to hold extra worksheets, organize completed work, my son has one for the things he is currently working on homework, I use one for visuals and notes, I have one for his completed papers, and I have a few extras of various sizes if I find a reason. I am not encouraging needless spending so please do not buy something you do not need. I just like to have some extra because I usually will find some use for them. Like his finished writing, or something to hold all of his paper manipulatives.
Watercolor Paint
Whiteboard: I always like to have a larger one and have smaller student ones also.
Dry erase Markers: I always buy a few packages, but also keep my eyes out for sales. I scored $4.00 markers for just $1.00 the other day.
White Board Eraser
Personal White Boards: I love these, this cut down on paper waste, they are fun for the kids, convent and easy for visual learning. Kids can write out math or word problems, do out math work and so on.
Tupperware Bin: I Like to use Tupperware bins to hold extra supplies. This one is holding some recyclable materials that I think would be useful for Science and Arts and Crafts.
Book Rings: I like to hole punch mini flashcards and put them onto these for easy flipping, and something fun. Plus, it keeps all of of your child’s flash cards together in one spot.
Fasteners: These can be used for games, clocks, spinners, ect.

BackPack File: I Will be using this for my son’s Portfolio, I haven’t decided if this is how I will keep it, but, for now this will keep all of his papers that I will be using for his end of the year portfolio.
This Week Pull Apart Papers: These are not necessary at all, I just bought them because they were cute.
Book Bins: I only have a small closet for all of our supplies for homeschooling here on the homestead. So, I need to make use of all of the space that I can, in the only closet that I have for ALL of the things that we have. Book bins allow me to separate our subjects easily without other things falling out everywhere every time we take something out.
printer: I cannot stress this enough. You will use it for everything. Having one with copying capabilities is a must.
Printer Ink: You will go through quite a bit through out the year. Not just during school, but all other months as well as you prepare. Kids may want coloring sheets, you may decide to do summer school… Whatever it is, you will need extra, so it doesn’t hurt to have some around.
Glue Sticks: We go through these like we go through water, we use them for everything, and they do not last very long, so always keep a supply and key on the look out for sales.

So far this is our list, I am sure I will need more as the year progresses. If I missed anything let me know. I hope you all have a great school year! Happy homeschooling!